Massage Therapy


Fragressence Signature Massage An eclectic mix of swedish and remedial bodywork, hot stones and aromatherapy. My signature massage will put the smile back on your face. You'll sigh with relief as aches and pains just melt away, tension disappears under the warmth of hot stones gliding over your body, and the heavenly scent of calming aromatic oils will have you drifting away to a peaceful place you'd forgotten existed. You won't want it to end--if you are still awake!

2 Hour Fragressence Pamper Package Add a beautiful facial treatment and massage into my Fragressence Signature massage for 2 hours of total bliss.  This makes a fabulous gift for both men and women.

Swedish / Remedial ...a combination of both Swedish relaxation massage promotes oxygen and blood flow to the muscles, assists clearing toxins and metabolic wastes from body tissues and sedates or invigorates the nervous system—a general well being massage—no deep work or hard pressures. Remedial massage treats specific problem areas, helping to restore function to injured muscles and tissues. Treatment may include myofascial release and trigger pointing to release muscle spasm.

Aromatherapy Massage 
A specific massage technique using individually prescribed essential oils blended in a cold pressed carrier oil. Aromatherapy supports the body’s own healing ability, treats specific conditions, and is highly recommended for clients with nervous system complaints like stress and anxiety or blocked emotions. Essential oils (plant hormones) have a complex chemical structure which gives each oil it ‘s many varied therapeutic properties and vibrational energy. Essential oils enter the body through the skin into the lymphatic system and by inhalation. Suitable for all ages including elderly or infirm. A powerful but gentle massage, a great immune system booster, and extremely relaxing and balancing for the emotions.

Pregnancy Massage  To nurture both mother and her baby.
A nurturing massage incorporating gentle stretching and soft tissue massage to aid discomfort and assist postural changes that occur during pregnancy. Cold pressed vegetable oils that assist with minimizing stretch marks are used. A clearance for massage must first be obtained from your doctor and massage is not normally given during the first trimester. A beautiful treatment honouring this special time in a woman ‘s life

Thermal Stone massage  (with warmed organic oils, massage with heated and cool stones and an aromatherapy face wrap). Like magic, muscle tension just melts away under the heat and weight of the beautiful stones. Stone massage is an ancient form of therapeutic bodywork. The body is anointed with warmed organic oils. Heated stones are spun along the spine and used in massage as extensions of the hands to relieve muscle tension. Cool quartz stones may be incorporated for conditions that involve inflammation or to refine the pores, plus some sharmanic healing wisdom such as beautiful musical vibrations from Tibetan bowls and bells further help to carry you into a deeply relaxed state allowing profound healing to take place.  After experiencing this divine treatment, my clients want stones with everything I offer!

Heaven for feet  Immerse your tired feet in a warm, aromatic foot bath, refresh energy levels with the scent and feel of a wild thyme and peppermint foot exfoliation scrub followed by the heavenly feeling of foot bliss as you receive a pampering leg and foot massage and mini reflexology treatment. Foot heaven!

Corporate Massage  (in house, on table) Minimum 4 hours, extra if parking fee applicable. 

Mobile Massage  within 15 km radius of clinic. Standard massage fee plus traveling time and cost P.O.A. 

Massage for Elderly or Medically Frail Enhance health and mobility with a relaxing massage Some benefits include: *A comforting massage assists in decreasing pain and anxiety *Promotes restful sleep *Provides nurturing touch *Assists circulation, flexibility and balance *Stimulates lymphatics thereby enhancing immune function

Oncology Massage (in a non-hospital setting) This is a safe and extremely gentle, nurturing massage for people living with, or in remission from cancer, and is also suitable for the medically frail or anyone requiring a very gentle, comforting touch massage. Current research shows that the benefits of this massage are in assisting in the reduction of the side effects of treatments, especially in the reduction of anxiety , pain and nausea, and in the improvement of sleep. Due to precautions to be exercised, this massage should only be given by a qualified oncology massage therapist. This form of massage is supported by many oncologists, the Cancer Council and is endorsed by the Petrea King Quest for Life Foundation.

FROM THE DRY DAY SPA Mini Facials - start from $65  Body Scrubs - from $130 The USPA Australian made holistic skin, body and hair care range is based on the purest botanical extracts and essential oils. All treatments invoke the ritual art of healing. USPA signature treatments:  Coffee Sea Kelp Contour Scrub Hot Oil Exilir Wrap  Aloe Linen Body Wrap Balinese Body Palming Concept Facials & Eye Contour Wrap
Body Exfoliation treatments Body salt scrub & body butter moisturise

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  • 1 Hour 10 Min $95
  • 1 Hour 30 Min $115
  • 2 Hours $145
  • 2 Hours $160
  • 1 Hour $90
  • 1 Hour 30 Min $125
  • l Hour 15 Min $95
  • 1 Hour $90
  • 1 Hour 30 Min $115
  • 1 hour 30 min $125
  • 1 hour $75
  • $80p.h.
  • 30 Min $50
  • 1 Hour $90